The first birthday at P4T school

The first birthday at P4T school

Unbelievably, almost all the children in our school have never celebrated their birthdays and some even do not know their birthday. As we try to go beyond providing quality education, we are trying to make our children feel special because that will make them happy and become good learners.

With over 350 children now in nursery and primary classes, we are certainly sure that almost everyday is a special birthday for at least one child. From August 2017, we purchased the birthday head gears, recorded birthdays of our children against their names in the class registers and started giving our children chances to experience their “First Birthday Celebrations” at P4T School.

Of course we do not have the resources to celebrate everyday but we have the children who can sing the birthday songs for their classmates, birthday caps and before we realised, we actually have very supportive parents and guardians who have welcomed the innovation. In the same month (August), a parent purchased soft drinks and requested the school to gather all children and staff to celebrate her child’s birthday. We couldn’t thank her enough, considering the huge sacrifice she made.

Amazing, right! Be part of our “First Birthday Celebrations” at P4T Nursery and Primary School by taking part in our Discussion Group and like our Facebook page . You can also sponsor a child’s birthday celebration through our PayPal.

Thank you.Happy First Birthday






  • john / 20 November 2018 9:30

    hey happy birthday all