current PROJECTS

P4T Nursery and Primary School


One of the activities of P4T since 2015 is the Nursery and Primary School that is helping to provide Early Childhood Development (ECD) for refugees and Ugandan infants. In the first year of its existence, the school attained enrollment of 46 children with community demand to register more children.

Community Based School Feeding

Facilitate school feeding to increase enrollment and retention of refugee children in school. Our idea is to increase enrollment and retention of refugee children in schools in Kyangwali refugee settlement by engaging children, teachers, parents and community members in fun and skilled based community driven gardening enterprises!

Vegetable Agro Investment (VAI)

VAI is an innovative way to make business out of agriculture. The project trains refugees to grow high value products and sell them within and outside of settlement. A team of 10 refugee youth and women members came together selected a vegetable or fruit species of high value to grow and sell for income generation.

SGBV and HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support

Kyangwali refugee settlement is a home to an estimated forty thousand (40,000) refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi among others. Due to the nature of their plight, most refugees are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS due to family fragmentation, frequent movements, greater socioeconomic vulnerability and sexual violence like rape, defilement, sexual exploitation among others especially women and girls.

Handcraft for Self-reliance

Due to high level of illiteracy, extreme poverty, unemployment, commercial sex workers, and vulnerable people, the community members are trained in handcraft life skills to enable them create their own jobs and increase individual and household income.

Community Development Groups are formed in villages with its leadership structures and they engage in life skills such as ndegeya and mats making, table cloths, craft chairs, sweaters, and shopping bags. Sale of these items in the local market earns them income.

Sports and Play for Women Project

P4T believes in the power of Sports and Play as a tool to: create peaceful and harmonious environment, better health, and zero violence community; stress and frustration, discrimination, and stigma; promote gender equality, human rights, women in leadership, women in decision making, and enhance conflict resolution.