Current Project

COMMUNITY based school feeding

Facilitate School Feeding to increase enrollment and retention of refugee children in school.

The story

Facilitate School Feeding to increase enrollment and retention of refugee children in school. Our idea is to increase enrollment and retention of refugee children in schools in Kyangwali refugee settlement by engaging children, teachers, parents and community members in fun and skilled based community driven gardening enterprises! School and community based gardening activities will be jointly designed by children, teachers, parents, and communities and incorporate aspects of nutrition education, modern gardening/farming techniques and skills and activities that can enhance children’s psychosocial well-beings. These activities can also help children easily understand the technical contents that are sometimes hard to grasp.


The project benefits both refugee and host community children who have struggled in class because of lack of midday school meals. School enterprises headed by children also equip them with entrepreneurial skills. Innovative community enterprises that support school feeding project can generate household income as well as create awareness of children’s nutrition and educating issues among parents.


Since 2013, P4T has mobilized school children and their parents to collectively cultivate school gardens to facilitate production of beans and maize (for posho) to feed children and teachers at school. This intervention faced a lot of challenges especially in logistics, and human resource and monitoring.


This time round, CBSFP is planning to establish school and community enterprises that will be able to support the program even afterwards when the funded project duration is over. With diverse focus in food production, water and sanitation, energy saving, nutrition education, vegetable growing both in school and communities, the program will have enough income to meet its needs.