Current Project

p4t nursery and primary school

helping to provide Early Childhood Development (ECD) for refugees and Ugandan infants.

The story

One of the activities of P4T since 2015 is the Nursery and Primary School that is helping to provide Early Childhood Development (ECD) for refugees and Ugandan infants. In the first year of its existence, the school attained enrollment of 46 children with community demand to register more children.


Presently, the Kindergarten school project is supported by community although there are efforts to acquire external funding to improve quality of education and enrollment in this school. P4T has now constructed a 4 classrooms/ stanza block to facilitate establishment of primary school i.e additional classes from P.1 to P.3 which has now raised the school’s enrollment by 4 times (From 46-150) with expectation of more new registrations.


The school is almost free to the community with minimal community contribution to facilitate less than half the living cost of the care givers/ Teachers who are committed volunteers from the community, provide hot meals during break time and lunch time, and purchase educational materials. The school also supports some very vulnerable children such as the total orphans, unaccompanied minors, and victims of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV without receiving any contribution from them.


Although the school is very vital to the community, it is still a long way to go as there is need to acquire full professional caregivers (teachers), cement the floor and walls, avail educational and play materials for children, improve the diet, supply scholastic materials, uniforms, and build more classrooms (school building) among others.


P4T believes in the power of education as a tool to create sustainable hope, self-reliant community. Children are future leaders, change makers and also trained them to become responsible parents. Nothing much to give to a child than education. “We build education, We build tomorrow”