Current Project

SGBV and HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support

Empowering the youth with necessary skills to create their own jobs through vocational training.

The story

Kyangwali refugee settlement is a home to an estimated forty thousand (40,000) refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi among others. Due to the nature of their plight, most refugees are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS due to family fragmentation, frequent movements, greater socio-economic vulnerability and sexual violence like rape, defilement, sexual exploitation among others especially women and girl-children. Most refugees are afraid to come out and admit they are infected while others suffer depression as a result of community discrimination and stigmatization.


Planning for Tomorrow (P4T) Youth Organisation started in 2007 with the ambitions to solve most of the problems facing the community from which they (refugees) live. P4T is now implementing Living Positively HIV Project that is empowering orphans infected and affected with HIV to be socially and economically endowed.


Sighting the problem that despite numerous efforts made by various refugee support agencies to mitigate the problem of HIV prevalence like establishment of treatment, counselling and testing centres by UNHCR in partnership with AAH-U; yet people did not seem to make use of these centres appropriately due to ignorance, misconception, stigmatization, recklessness, negative attitudes and loss of hope. There was urgent need for action to mitigate these barriers and create awareness in the endangered refugee community. The implementation of Living Positive (LP) Project by P4T is bringing a long lasting sustainable solution to this problem.


Living Positively (LP) project was in place since 2012 and was awarded a one year federal grant in 2015; Thanks to the Government of USA and the Department of State.